Gas Attack. . . .

Today Matt is down in Trowbridge auditioning for a part on a World Ear 1 documentary. . Break a leg Matt!!!

A week of Dr WHO monstering

Matthew has had a fantastic start to the week and it's just going to get better and better. Monstering for Dr WHO at the start of the followed by clowining around shooting some scenes for his upcoming film DaiVerso.

From host to monster...

Last week Matt was showing people around the Tardis. Now he's playing a new monster on set. From helping to hurting, just another week as a Dr WHO monster.

From host to monster...

Last week Matt was showing people around the Tardis. Now he's playing a new monster on set. From helping to hurting, just another week as a Dr WHO monster.


Matthew has recently appeared signing autographs in the Memorabilia Convention at the Excel Centre in London.

He has also just wrapped a part playing "Simon" on BBC's Casualty.

The performances of "Captain Morgan" have been taking the UK by storm and Matthew is looking forward to performing this role in clubs and bars across the UK. So let's party like pirates this Christmas!

Also new headshots have been done and Matthew's Spotlight page has been updated in time for the new edition of Contacts.


Matt has had a really busy summer. His diary includes:

* Shooting a lead role in the film "DaiVeso" as Dandy and Dai.
* Performing as "Captain Morgan" across the UK for Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum.
* Played "SSL" in the advert "HDD Mid-life Crisis" for Intel.
* Shot a small scene as the lucky "One Night Stand" in "Casualty".
* Appeared as a guard in BBC's "Merlin".
* Played a paramedic in the new Sky One comedy, "The Cafe".

INVASION 2011 (FEB 28)

As a Doctor Who regular since Series Two, Matt was invited to the recent Invasion 2011 Doctor Who convention in Barking Abbey School.


Matt has appeared in a video produced by Blanket Communications for Filmed on location around South Wales, the ‘Access All Areas’ short video, received its ‘Royal’ Premiere, before a music industry audience at Cardiff’s Royal Hotel. There are also plans for the film to be shown in cinemas. The film was directed by Peter Acton.


Matt has appeared in Doctor Who spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Portraying one of the mysterious Men in Black, Matt is seen hunting the alien Androvax - much to the annoyance of Sarah and her co-investigators.

This is yet another of Matt's many appearances in the Doctor Who franchise. Matt can be seen on the left of the picture.


Matt has had an exciting year so far. This year he has appeared in a number of TV and theatre productions. Most specifically he has toured the south coast of the UK, as well as appearing at Wembley Arena and the Albert Hall.

He has tested his presenter skills to the maximum - having been a monster, andriod and Cyberman. Check him out on the Spotlight website!

The year so far...

- Dr Who Monster Roadshow to advertise the new Doctor (April)
- Shot a short Film - Reflections (April)
- Man in Black / Sarah Jane Adventures (April)
- Presented final round auditions for staff recruitment at the Weston Super Mare Pier (May)
- Played a new monster The Black Hoard / Sarah Jane Adventures (June)
- Modelled for a charity fashion show for the Chile Earthquake Appeal (June)
- Played a Cyberman at the Hays, Cardiff to promote the release of the new Dr Whgo game (June)
- Played Gary (a Gap employee) in an advert for the Queen's Arcade, Cardiff (July)
- Shot a small part in the Dr Who Christmas Special (July)
- Played the Air Raid Warden in the Dr Who Prom at the Royal Albert Hall (July)
- Played Cal in the HD Camera Test for BBC's Casualty (August)
- Played a Cyberman and Ood in the Monster Tours of the South Coast of the UK (August)
- Performed live as Brandon in Patrick Hamilton's Rope (September)
- Cyberman in Dr Who Live, Wembley Arena (October)


Matt has recently gained two fantastic acting jobs. In early April he appeared as PC Hughes in Reflections, a film for the CPS. Later that month, he filmed two episodes of CBBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures, in which he played a Man in Black. He even had his own stunt double! The episode will be aired in the Autumn.


As the snow brought the country to a grinding halt Matt was working full speed ahead. In particular he appeared in a short film called K9DT, did swordfighting stunts on Merlin and was killed by King Arthur, and took part in a charity catwalk sponsored by the Evening Post and Daily Mail.


Matt has been really busy in recent months. He has:

* Performed as a Cyberman at the BBC Xmas screening of Dr Who
* Attended a modelling shoot at the Mocka Lounge in Cardiff
* Hosted a 5-a-side Power League football competition
* Performed as Laertes in Shakespeare's Hamlet
* Played a Roman Centurian in the upcoming series of Doctor Who
* Acted in a Bristol City Council road safety campaign


Matt will soon will appearing in a music video for the up-and-coming band, Futuretown.

To visit their MySpace page click here


Matt has been playing the new monster on series 5 of Doctor Who this week. He has also been interviewed for Doctor Who Confidential. Fantastic!